Working With You

Our 6-Step Process provides you with a quick, high-level, understanding of how we work with you.


Right Fit

Do we embrace a shared philosophy?

Discovery Meeting

Learning How We Can Help

How can we help you pursue a high level of fulfillment and happiness?

What are your personal and financial goals and objectives?

What does your present financial picture look like?

How can we empower you to be a better steward of your financial resources?

Financial Planning

Designing Your Personalized Financial Strategy

What are your income needs going forward?

What is the risk-reward trade off you are comfortable with, over what period of time?

Custom designing your plan and course of action

Investment Management

Developing Your Long-Term Investment Strategy

Create Investment Policy Statement that outlines investment objectives.

Design asset allocation consistent with financial planning parameters and investment objectives

Determine security selection consistent with risk and return profile

Implement, Monitor & Manage

Implement Wealth Plan and Investment Strategies

Manage financial road map and investments

Continuously monitor and adjust portfolio(s)

Maintain on-going dialogue to monitor changes in life circumstances affecting financial objectives


Regularly Scheduled Reviews and Updates

Complete review of plan progress and investment performance