Get to know Winthrop

We believe there’s more to life than money

Life should be about feeling confident, dreaming big, and achieving happiness. Let’s find that balance. Let’s feed your imagination. Let’s realize all of the opportunities in front of you— and build something great – together.

Pursue happiness

Be happy. Find peace of mind. We’re here to help you live life to the fullest.

Gain perspective

We’re a multigenerational team with decades of financial – and life – experience.

Get personal

How do we build relationships that last? It’s all about honesty, respect, and 100% focus.

Dream big

We know you’ve got big plans, and we’re here to help you think even bigger.

Think differently

We’re boldly exploring new and better ways to do right by – and for – our clients

How did Winthrop Wealth come about?

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

We grew up with an inquisitive mindset and challenged the status quo, constantly seeking ways to improve ourselves and the lives of those around us.

Investment Interest

Interested in how to put our own hard earned capital to work, we developed a passion for the investment world from a young age. We discovered the power of utilizing the market to build wealth and diversify risk.

Thoughtful Plannning

We worked relentlessly with a goal to build careers in the investment industry. Our mission was to get the best training and eventually start our own independent firm.

Due Diligence

Prior to founding Winthrop Wealth Management in 1985, Earl and Mark were Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Earl spent 8 years working for Big Four accounting firms and Mark spent nearly 5 years at the IRS investigating abusive tax shelters and investment schemes.

Pioneers In Wealth Management

Our pursuit to provide truly unbiased investment advice led us to become pioneers in utilizing a fee-based approach, aligning our interests with those of our clients.

We Are Unique

  • Background as CPAs
  • Conservative Approach
  • Customized Client Solutions
  • Diverse and Tenured Team
  • Entrepreneurial Culture Consistency
GROWTH & evolution

We Are Always Improving

Smart Growth

As we grow, we continue to invest a vast amount of thought and energy into the structure of our firm ensuring that we maintain the ability to make decisions that directly benefit our clients.


We continuously take advantage of the latest technology advances in our industry.

Family Friendly

We maintain the family aspect with our boutique culture. Since 2013, two more Winthrop family members have joined the team adding to the family roots.


We make sure we’re accessible – our new downtown office opened in 2013

Our Story Is Just Beginning

We are committed to growing our business for the benefit of our clients. That means, taking Winthrop Wealth Management into the next generation by providing our clients best in class expertise, unrivalled service, and continuity. Our multi-generational team is working every day to deliver on our mission of excellence.