Wealth Planning

Financial Planning

At Winthrop Wealth, we place primary importance on holistic and comprehensive financial planning as it is a critical tool to create financial awareness and empower better financial decision-making. At its essence, it is the intersection of your life and financial resources—and thus, an important strategy in pursuing your life goals while preserving and growing your wealth.

We are focused on building resilient financial plans based on a blend of quantitative and qualitative factors. Winthrop Wealth is passionate about helping you discover and pursue success as you define it. Our advisory team has the financial planning knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to identify and strategically address potential risks as well as opportunities in your life.

Every client has different priorities. Members of the Winthrop Wealth team have over 30 years of experience providing clients with financial road maps to pursue their goals and dreams. We focus on providing objective advice, and as an independent wealth management firm, our team has access to the universe of investment vehicles to suit each client’s unique needs. Tested across numerous economic and capital market cycles, our guidance has helped sustain and build our clients’ wealth.

As there are several alternative roads to choose from, we strive to help you identify and compare these options objectively and provide the best map going forward. We act as your personal Chief Financial Officer. The Winthrop Wealth team looks forward to helping you work towards reaching your dreams and pursuing a confident financial future.

Retirement Planning

Retirement often represents the most significant financial milestone families need to plan for during their lifetimes. The transition through the life-cycle phases of wealth accumulation to capital preservation and consumption happen quickly. We believe that successful retirement income planning should link your vision of how you want to spend your time and resources in the future to investment portfolios specifically structured to pursue this vision.

As you get closer to retirement, our team at Winthrop Wealth can develop, review, and propose various retirement and social security strategies. In addition, when you approach retirement we can help you evaluate income producing strategies while initiating the transition of your current portfolio to a more conservative portfolio.

Younger individuals benefit most from having long-term retirement planning goals. We recommend starting to plan and invest early in life to maximize the potential growth and accumulation phase. Formulating a budget, taking advantage of tax-deferral strategies available in 401(k) s and other workplace retirement savings options is typically the most beneficial when started at an early age.

With an experienced and multi-generational team ranging in age from mid-20s to the 60s, Winthrop Wealth is able to provide you the highly experienced personalized attention that best matches your life style and career phase.

Risk Management

Aligning your personal risk tolerance with the rest of your wealth management strategy is critical to being able to pursue your life priorities with confidence. As this is a top priority at Winthrop Wealth, our team of experienced professionals will work with you to evaluate and understand your risk tolerance, ensuring your wealth plan and investment strategies are balanced with the level of risk you are comfortable with. This is a dynamic process as your needs evolve through the different stages of life. Thus, we will monitor your personal risk tolerance along with your portfolio risk with regular communications and formal reviews.

Personal & Family Education

As a unique individual, you have specific priorities within each stage of wealth stewardship: Growth, Preservation, Consumption, and Wealth Transfer. As consultants, our experience has given us a deep understanding of the complex interactions between money and family dynamics. At Winthrop Wealth, we believe it is essential to prepare and educate you and your successors on how to become engaged and successful stewards of their wealth.

We can help educate and advise on passing along the family business to the next generation, which as a family centered firm, we have first-hand experience. Winthrop Wealth can assist you in a number of ways including defining the path to financial independence and empowering others through philanthropy. Please refer to Succession Planning for more information on business transition.

As your trusted consultant, Winthrop Wealth is committed to working closely with your accountants, attorneys, and other professionals to make sure your wealth planning is consistent and integrated with other key financial events in your life. We make every effort to ensure that all of your advisors are working in a coordinated and efficient manner to develop strategies consistent with your goals and that you stay fully informed of all changes.